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Lumoral Adult Kit

Lumoral Adult Kit

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Lumoral kills 99.9% of harmful oral bacteria!

Take your oral hygiene to the next level with the most effective plaque and bacteria removal system on the market. The light-activated mouth rinse targets only the plaque and harmful bacteria, leaving your oral flora unharmed.

Lumoral is an extensively researched, effective and safe method. With the use of Lumoral only twice a week, you'll achieve ultra-clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. You will feel the difference right after the first use! 

Lumoral effectively prevents oral inflammation such as gingivitis or periodontitis as well as caries. Lumoral also improves gum health by promoting tissue metabolism. Regular use brings out the natural whiteness of your teeth and removes discoloration. The formation of new plaque which leads to the built-up of tartar, is significantly reduced.


The Starter Kit includes

1x Lumoral device (mouthpiece)
1x Lumorinse tablets, 10 pcs.
1x Powerbank
1x Measuring cup
1x Instructions for use

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Customer Reviews

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: ) :D

Perfect for on-the-go healthy smile, Lumoral is a real game changer for those who love their teeth ultra-clean and their gums bacterial-free without irritating them. A plus for its compact size and hassle-free application.

Like an old saying that confidence starts with a smile, let yours shines through a healthy and happy one.


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