The color molecules in Lumorinse mouth rinse adhere to the harmful oral bacteria. The dual-wavelength LED light of the mouth piece reacts with the green sensitizer. This reaction breaks the cell membrane of the bacteria. The light also reacts with molecules (porphyrins and flavins) inside bacterial cells, destroying them both inside and outside. They are unable to develop a resistance to the method. 

Three simple steps


    Swish your mouth with Lumorinse for approximately 30 seconds. The light-sensitive colour is designed to adhere to the surface of the plaque and leaves the healthy mouth flora unharmed.


    Apply the LED light with Lumoral for 10 minutes after which the device turn off automatically. The light activation sensitizes the bacteria and the antibacterial effect begins. The feeling of warmth is part of the photodynamic action.


    The adherent plaque, invisible to the eye, can now be easily brushed away. You will immediately feel a clear difference.